A fox hunting



A Lamb Savaged by a Fox

The death of this lamb, killed by a fox, is as significant to its owner as is a burglary. Some say that it should be ignored because the number of lambs killed by foxes is not significant economic damage to farming. But would you agree if this was your lamb?

Foxes also kill birds (usually all those in the enclosed space into which they have gnawed an entrance). Chickens, ducks and pheasant chicks are favoured.

Foxes also kill piglets.

Badgers also kill lambs when they are very young. They rip out the stomach to get at the milk. Badgers like to kill ground nesting birds. They like eating birds eggs.
The Badger Cull debate is wrong not to take account of the need to control badgers as a predator in addition to as a vector in the spread of TB.